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This page is for perspective clients and employers to preview some of my previous work. Some run notes are included for context.

These Violent Delights

  • Sample provided was used during a chaotic tribalistic dance scene towards the end of the play.

  • *Described as having an "outstanding design" by NOW magazine.

Violent Tribal MusicSam Ferguson

Romeo & Juliet

  • Sample provided was used during the party scene when Romeo and Juliet first meet (first two Photos).

  • Started off soft and subtle then swelled for the big first kiss moment.

R&J Mixdown for demoSam Ferguson

Romeo + Juliet

  • Sample provided was a compilation of thematic layers that intertwined at various parts of the play.

  • what you hear is a quick mix I put together of all the layers to give you a sense of it.

R+J quick mixSam Ferguson

Boy's Girl's and Other Mythological Creatures

  • Sample provided was a compilation I made to play while a character was training (marching and the like) to become something they're not

BGOMC Theam MusicSam Ferguson
  • Sample provided was a thematic piece that occurred at the end of the play.

  • Most of the sounds of the play were layered on top of this base creating a culminating sensation.

Hana Hashimoto

End ThemeSam Ferguson

Legs Crossed Hands on Your Lap

  • Sample provided was used while character was indulging in an alcoholic beverage.

Drung SwaggerSam Ferguson


  • Sample provided was an effect that returned at several points throughout the play.


  • Shot and edited in 48 hours as part of the Toronto 48 Hour Film Festival Project.

  • Recorded in an Actors house on an Zoom H6 with a sennheiser shotgun microphone. 

  • I had about an hour to line up dialogue with image, and create final mix

  • *WINNER* 3rd place at the 2016 festival

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